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Expectations Before and After Installation

Getting new floor covering is like moving-just about everything needs to come out of every room-then be replaced. Here are some general guidelines that will help you receive a professional installation.
1. Payment is due upon completion of job.
2. Deposit or pre-approved credit is a must.
3. No returns/credit on special order items
4. Furniture: We move furniture, you move anything on it, in it, under it, or around it.
5. Please talk to your lead installer if you have anything fragile, heavy, or a damaged piece that needs special care instructions. It can be moved at your risk.
6. Clean out the floors and closets and remove items from the project areas.
7. Refer to the “We don’t” list.
Installation: Every project is unique. Our goal is to provide you with a professional installation and every effort will be made to complete your flooring project in a timely manner.
8. If, at the time of installation, it is determined that the subfloor has damages and needs to be replaced, or repaired, customer will be responsible for any additional charges.
9. Hardwood-Customer understands that hardwood is a product of nature and will vary in shade and color from one board to the next.
Walls & trim: Our installers are trained to be careful with your walls and trim. Floor coverings are very heavy and bulky for walls to go untouched. Please be prepared for paint touch-ups on your walls and trim.
10. If shoe mold is present, it will need to be removed and replaced for your new floor covering to be installed properly. We will be careful, but often existing shoe mold will break or crack. If part of your job, we will install new shoe mold, caulked but not painted.
THE “We don’t” list:
For various reasons, some items or jobs are too risky for Suttles Flooring to handle.
We don’t:
1. Move gun safes
2. Adjust weather stripping/thresholds
3. Move slate bed pool table
4. Move aquariums with water
5. Move built-in items or unusually large items
6. Paint
7. Trim exterior doors
8. Reseat toilets, handle dishwashers, pedestal sinks, or hot water heaters. We can line up a professional, licensed plumber, or you can hire a plumber if you prefer.
We will move T.V.’s, computers, stereo’s, etc. You will need to have these disconnected and then be prepared to hook them back up.
We charge for moving appliances such as refrigerators, washers, dryers, etc. Our installers will disconnect these items and reconnect them the same way they came apart. Unfortunately appliances may have been hooked up for so long or tightened too many times that when installers attempt to reconnect, there is a risk of leakage. This is a good time for homeowners to renew any and all rubber washers, ice makers, gaskets or connectors of any type. Please be prepared before installation time. We do not provide this service.
Seams are never totally invisible. The degree of how a seam area will show, depends on many factors. These factors are: carpet construction, color of carpet, location of seams, and how tight the flooring is stretched. Tall and loose fibers seam better than short tight fibers. Seam peaking is a phenomenon that occurs with proper stretching and proper seaming techniques. Vinyl patterns should match. Carpet patterns never match perfectly.
Clean up:
We will remove all job-related trash from the job site and sweep project areas. Small carpet remnants and opened boxes of flooring will be left with homeowner for possible future repairs. It is up the customer to maintain these.
Is a covering like wallpaper. Its appearance is directly affected by the quality of decking underneath. Taking up vinyl and seeing what is under the vinyl is always unpredictable. With anything unpredictable, we will call you and let you know your options.
Carpets come in compressed and flat. Consequently, carpets never look like your sample at first. Roll marks, pile reversal, and roll crush are all symptoms of compressed carpet. Two to three weeks of vacuuming and heat will resolve most of these. If not steaming will. Cut carpet strings, don’t pull them!
Caring for prefinished wood, LVT, laminate: Nearly all manufactures of “traffic ready” products are packaged with protective dust/powder between planks. After your installation is complete, vacuum and/or sweep thoroughly, followed by a damp mop, using Pro Care citrus cleaner and a good quality, micro fiber mop. Using our recommended floor care products will help you protect your flooring investment and maintain its beauty for many years to come. Pro Care citrus cleaner is available in an 8 oz. concentrate, so don’t throw your bottle away, refill it! We carry it in our store.
Caring for unfinished wood: Spills should be cleaned up asap; otherwise, you can live on unfinished wood with little worries during the acclimation process. This is a perfect time to paint because our sanding equipment will remove small paint splatters and drips, so you don’t have to. (Periodic sweeping or vacuuming is advised).
We want you to ADORE YOUR FLOOR and Live Beautifully!