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Why Choose Suttles Flooring?

Here are the reasons you should choose Suttles Flooring:
  • We will assist you in selecting your species of wood, an appropriate stain (if applicable), and a finish that meets your needs. When installing hardwood, pre-finished or raw hardwood, the sub floor is critically important. It should be dry and smooth. PARTICLE BOARD FLOORNG MUST BE REMOVED in a nail down installation and most other hardwood floor installations.
  • Floors can be matched to kitchen cabinets or wall colors. In a site finished hardwood floor, we will apply different sample colors on your floor for you to choose. This is usually done at the time of sanding so that you can see the color in your lighting and with your paint colors or cabinetry. After the color is chosen, we will sand up the samples and apply your customize choice to your hardwood flooring. 
  • There are no hidden or extra charges: you will get a written estimate from us. The price you are quoted is the price you pay - end of story (the only exception to this is when you decide you’d like to add additional work that’s not included in the original estimate. In these situations, we’ll re-issue an estimate and commence work once you’re happy with the adjusted price.)
  • We show up on time. Most tradesmen have a terrible reputation of being tardy and not seeming to care. At Suttles, we DO care and make it a priority to communicate with our clients. We understand that your time important. However, situations do arise that are out of our control. Should something cause a delay in our scheduled start time, we will provide you with a courtesy call to alert you to our whereabouts and offer you the most accurate estimated time of arrival for your job or estimate.
  • We make sure your home doesn’t end up in a cloud of dust. The amount of dust created during a flooring job is probably one of the biggest concerns of our customers. You’ve probably worried about this in making the decision to install or refinish your floors. This is a huge problem that has plagued our industry for decades. However, thanks to our 97.5% dustless sanding process, those days are now over.  
We are the only business in Macon who carry Pro Care Citrus Cleaner. We recommend Pro Care because it: 
  • Provides a streak-free clean with no residue
  • Cleans and enhances natural beauty of floors
  • Eco-Friendly and Biodegradable
  • Leaves a fresh citrus aroma
  • Great for all types of flooring