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Laminate offers endless styles

Laminate is the most affordable type of flooring, yet it is a strong and durable material that provides a great hardwood or stone look. Realistic designs that can complement any decor are created with a high-definition printer. The flooring is made out of wood, and it has an aluminum oxide top coating that makes it resistant to dents, scratches, fading, and stains. Laminate flooring is ideal for high traffic areas like kitchens, and it holds up well in households that have pets.

Suttles Flooring carries a variety of attractive styles, colors, and textures. Our Macon, Georgia, the showroom is filled with trendy products and friendly staff who can help you find the right laminate tile or planks for your home. When making your decision, consider the look, functionality, and installation method.

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Styles available are almost endless. While wood grain is the most popular choice, stones like marble, slate, limestone, and travertine are common. Stones come in tiles rather than planks like wood grain. Expect to find that the cost of laminate increases with the number of variations in the tile. Remember that many floors have designated molding and end pieces that coordinate with the texture and color of the floor.


Laminate floors can last up to 25 years. To judge the quality of your top laminate choices, you’ll need to compare several factors. The AC rating level, which indicates the durability, should range from AC1 for light traffic areas like bedrooms to AC3 for heavy traffic areas like kitchens. Planks with a thickness of 12 mm to 15 mm feel more like hardwood than thinner flooring. The more durable High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) has at least five layers while Direct Pressure Laminate (DPL) has four layers.
Laminate flooring in Macon, GA from Suttles Flooring


Laminate floors are seldom glued down. Instead, they are installed as floating floors. In other words, 'click-lock' tiles or planks are pieced together so they float over the subfloor. Then the flooring can expand and contract without buckling as the room's relative humidity changes. A well-prepared subfloor is a must with this method of installation. Suttles Flooring can repair or replace it, if necessary. This flooring is easy for a DIYer to install and easy to repair at a later date. Maintenance and care are also simple. Suttles Flooring has been offering Middle Georgia customers excellence in flooring since 1958. It’s convenient to fill out our online form for a free quote. We’d love to help you with your next flooring project.