Carpet elevates any decor

Suttles Flooring, founded in 1958, is a carpet flooring store that offers a wide selection of carpet colors, textures, and styles as well as other flooring options. Carpet is ideal for living areas and bedrooms. It's soft and warm beneath your feet, adds color to a room, and provides a look that elevates any decor. Helpful staff at our Macon, Georgia, the showroom can show you the trendiest carpets available. Choose a cut pile, loop pile, or a combination of the two styles.

Loop vs cut pile

Carpet pile is determined by the thickness and length of the fibers used to create the carpet weave. There are two ways that the fibers attach to the backing. With a loop pile, they are bent into small little loops. This type of carpeting has limited cushioning and a low profile.

  • Level loop, also called Berber, has short loops.
  • The multi-level loop has loops that give the carpet texture looks patterned, by varying in height.

With cut pile, the tips of the yarn are cut so no loops are found. Cut pile is usually softer and denser than loop pile. There are many variations of cut pile carpet:

  • Plush - smooth, even texture and a formal look
  • Saxony - traditional cut-pile carpet; even length fibers stand straight up
  • Texture - fibers have uneven lengths, creating a rougher surface
  • Frieze - similar to texture; less formal with a shaggy appearance
  • Shag - longer, sometimes thicker fibers than frieze

Cut and loop combines the best characteristics of both types of carpet. Geometric or abstract designs can be created with this weave fora striking look.

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Carpet is created with several types of fibers. You can judge the quality of each type by considering the weight, or how many fibers are in the pile, and the density, or how closely the fibers are packed.

  • Nylon - most popular fiber; wear-resistant and durable
  • Olefin - tougher than nylon; mold, mildew, and moisture resistant; good for basements
  • Wool - best carpeting and only natural fiber; eco-friendly
  • Acrylic - an affordable alternative to wool

It is best to compare the different styles and fibers before making a final decision about the best carpet for your home. Suttles Flooring can assist you with this home flooring decision. We serve Macon, Eatonton, Barnesville, Greensboro, Forsyth, Perry, Thomaston, Warner Robins, and the Lake Oconee area. We sell and install many types of flooring, and we offer restoration and in-home design services. There are no hidden or extra charges, quotes are free, and what’s more, we show up on time and get the job done right.